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Interface Matters
Art Virtually Art Virtually Art Virtually Art Virtually

Designing Virtual Reality Museum

Art Virtually

Road show company, a highly celebrated brand in the art exhibition space, approached Interface Matters to build a full scale Virtual Reality application which would enable Art Galleries and Independent Artists to reach out to their audience and scale their brand beyond physical constraints.

Working as a design partner with Road Show company, Interface matters brought the world of art galleries and exhibitions to the VR space by designing a self-serving progressive system which could organically scale to meet the needs of the art galleries, the artists and the end users.

Interface Matters

Designing Cisco APIC

Cisco APIC Cisco APIC Cisco APIC Cisco APIC Cisco APIC


Interface Matters helped simplify the flow of using CISCO’s Group based policy framework for data center operators in the context of Openstack. CISCO’S Application Policy Infrastructure Controller(Cisco APIC) and Group based policy frameworks form the core in Programmatically Automating Network Provisioning and deploying complex applications on Openstack clouds.

By working closely with Integration, Product & Client teams, Interface Matters simplified the workflow by proposing workflow templates, topology mapping and realistic grouping of entities.

Interface Matters
Brand Wizard Brand Wizard Brand Wizard Brand Wizard

Designing BrandWizard Digital Platform

Brand Wizard

Interface matters helped BrandWizard, which is an industry leading player in the brand and digital asset management, create a richer and unified brand and user experience to their portfolio of products which were build over a long course of time.

By working closely with BrandWizard’s executive team to understand their core audience, current pain points and areas of improvement, Interface matters designed a custom design framework, with an unified design language based on the core principles of Google’s Material Design.