Art Virtually

Art Virtually

Case Study



Road Show Company is a highly celebrated brand in the art exhibition space. They help galleries across North America build visibility through acclaimed artists, promotions and other engaging activities.

With no constraint of Physical Space, Road Show Company aimed to create a full scale PaaS Virtual Reality application primarily focused on enabling Art Galleries and Independent Artists reach their audience and manage artwork.

Art Virtually
Art Virtually

The concept of art exhibitions has always been attached to the form of restrictive physical spaces. Road Show Company needed a Design partner to augment the real world of exhibitions into a virtual space while maintaining a human centered approach.

Art Virtually

Product Strategy

VR Platform

InterfaceMatters designed a progressive platform that can scale both horizontally (Feature sets) & vertically (Audience).

We built a self serve system that can expand to both partners as well as the end users organically while adding the least possible administration overhead.

Product Flow

Development Components

Initial research involved informal discussion with the founders aimed to understand the intricacies involved in buying, selling and promoting art.

We designed specific questionnaires aimed at various stakeholders involved - Product Owners, Art Galleries and Independent Artists to better understand and refine the value proposition at each tier.

We drafted an ideal user journeys for the platform:

Art Virtually
Real World
Art Virtually
2D Layout
Art Virtually
Finalized 3D Environment
Art Virtually
Art Virtually
Art Virtually

Desktop Application

Design an environment that blends the best of both Real and virtual world experience.

Art Virtually
Art Virtually
Art Virtually

Mobile Application

Design an environment that blends the best of both
Real and virtual world experience.

Art Virtually
Art Virtually Virtual Reality

A blend of both real and virtual worlds designed for seamless interaction with a scalable architecture.

Art Virtually Web & Mobile Application

Scalable cloud architecture for seamless inventory management and enabling opportunities to identify prospective art buyers.

Product Results

We are proud to have achieved great results with the Art Virtually platforms:

We continue to work with Road Show Company as their digital partners.


Nim Vaswani

CEO, Road Show Company

We commissioned Interface Matters to design a VR. program specific to our needs and they were brilliant.

During the 2+ years we have worked with them, we have found them to be efficient, creative and most importantly, a joy to deal with. I would heartily recommend their services to anyone.