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Educate. Empower. Eradicate

A way forward for Industries to safe guard front-line production

Project Indus is an open source framework designed to help industries adapt to and navigate the evolving challenges in re-starting and ensuring front-line operational continuity

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Empower Front-line Managers with the right information

Ensure seamless access and rapid distribution of the latest advisory to guidelines issued from federal and local authorities, industry bodies, facilities or departments.

Create or attach guidelines in various formats
Tag documents to segregate across facilities and departments
Publish to central SOP repository and notify staff

Re-start factory operations with confidence

Leverage a growing set of tools to help effectively plan and manage operational continuity, capacity planning and workforce management.

Simplified interface to add and mange workforce availability
Plan, communicate and assign shifts, schedules and WFH
Go beyond with vendor management and density planning

Understand and respond to operational risks in real-time

Proactively manage business continuity through automated access authorization, continuous reporting and incident tracking.

Automate access through self-reporting and pre-defined entry authorization
Track and respond to grievances that need immediate attention
Make informed choices through deeper visibility across staff health and availability


Open Source

Distributed under MIT license, can be used as is or customized to integrate with existing workflows

Data Privacy

Designed for self-deployable scenarios to ensure decentralized data privacy and management.

Rapid Deployment

Built on server-less architecture powered by Google’s Firebase framework to ensure safe and faster deployments.

Wider Access

Ability to support wider use cases including feature phone alerting, QR code scanning and symptom checks.

Built with

Indus is a serverless application built with React and Firebase for rapid development and deployment.

React • Material UI • React Native • React Native Paper • Firebase

Web App

Mobile App

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